Monday, December 9, 2013

Mutt or Meow Monday with Bert, Cerise DeLand's Mutt

Welcome to Mutt or Meow Monday! 

Mutt or Meow Monday is where we interview the author’s animal friends instead of interviewing the author. Let’s see what the animals have to say!

Please introduce yourself!

Hi-HO, there! Bert’s the name. I’m a Lurcher, a lover, a joker, a midnight toker. No, really. Playing ball, sleeping and eating’s my game. I live with my very own Duchess of Delights, Cerise DeLand. Have since a year ago August when I was young, homeless and hungry and Cerise picked me up, hugged me to her (ample) bosom and took me home with her hubbie.

What’s your favorite book by CERISE DELAND and why?
My fave??? OH. MY. DEAR. Cerise is The Writer I Adore. I especially love the novels where we get to eat and travel. MIA DOLCE is my sugar, permit me to say. LAID BARE, CARRIED AWAY where we get to dine in Mexico and Venice. Divine. I love to eat. Anything. (Except of course, I have learned to stay away from eating my own bed. Or the rather tasty used tissues in the trash. Cerise makes the air rather blue, I will say (and have no clue why) when I drink from the terlet.)

Do you ever interrupt CERISE for attention when she’s trying to write? Does she stop and give you attention, brush you off, or bribe you with treats?
Ah. Sigh. Cerise is a workaholic. I want to play with my red balls. (I said, RED balls.) SHE wants to type. I shake my head and ponder why she taps away on that flat board and when I appear, she says something akin to, “Just a minute. Cookie?”
No, Cer, dahling. I want to play ball. Football. Round ball. Blue ball. (Yes, I typed blue ball and I DO have ONE, you naughty reader. One. And no, I never did have one on my body. That I can rmember, that is.Thank you so much.

Does CERISE ever read her writing to you? Do you like it?
OH, PLEASE. The naughtiness on that bright white screen? I try to turn my eyes away. ALAS. (I lick my chops.) She insists I listen as she reads to me. Afterward, I go to Doggie Confession, dreaming of what might have been possible if I still had my… accoutrements, if you know what I mean. I tell you, the woman has a red hot mind. I wonder her fingers don’t burn that board she types on.

Has CERISE ever based one of her characters on you? Which one?
Egads. Never. I would not permit it, I tell you. In her last book? She KILLED a German shepherd. Now, you know, her editor got after her. (I had emailed the intelligent woman ahead of time to alert her to the massacre.) I shake my head. It is so important to catch these errors of judgment, don’t you agree, before they appear for the world to read?  After all, I earn my keep here. And the kibbles and treats are darn yummy. Cerise tells me they are also expensive.
Hence, my need to read her drafts on the sly at night when they think I’m sleeping. I keep her on the up and up. One must, you realize. Self-serving? Yes. I like my vittles. Lots of them.

What does CERISE do to celebrate when she finishes writing a book?
She drinks, my dear.
WINE. Lots of wine! I have persuaded them (finally!) to give me a taste now and then. Jolly good stuff. I am into the ’02 Cabernet Savignon, Napa, Eastern terroir. I especially like it with the grated parmesan they drop on the floor. (Can I tell you, it is not enough?)

What do you wish CERISE would do with her writing time instead of writing?
Oh, my. The woman would read or cook if she weren’t twiddling her fingers over that flat board. Me, I’d prefer she came outside and played ball.

What’s the best part about living with an author?
The best part?
She’s calm.
She’s stable. (At least, she is most of the time. If the electricity goes off in the middle of a sentence, she makes the air BLUE. BLUE, I tell you, with anger. Yes, we have backups, but you know these creative types can be temperamental. I sigh. Look for my inside red ball. And gum it.)

What’s the worst part about living with an author?
The worst part of living with an author is that you have to PRY her off her BUTT. Oh, she’ll walk with me and Hubbie in the a.m., but after that? She warms that chair in her office until dinner time. Then?  She wants wine. And, yeah, so do I.

Cerise DeLand and (Yes) Jane Austen
Genre/Subgenre: historical, Regency, erotic romance!!!

Back cover blurb:
The Dashwood sisters love too passionately…and, it seems, without reciprocal feelings from the men they choose. But lust can change a man…and a woman.
If love is never sane, then lust certainly is all passion.
Elinor Dashwood cannot explain her affection for polite, reserved Edward Ferrars. In contrast, her younger sister Marianne endlessly extols the visage and virtues of dashing John Willoughby. Frustrated and lonely, Elinor yearns for Edward’s touch and some declaration of his regard. Yet she loves him.
Marianne eagerly surrenders to rapture in Willoughby’s arms—and cannot even consider the constancy of quiet, compassionate Colonel Brandon. Neither sister can escape the draw of lust. But as they learn more about those men they adore, they learn that love can be both sensible and sensational.

Author Bio:
What’s an East Coast gal to do to if she lives deep in the heart of Texas, travels often everywhere, and adores Paris, Florence, London, Tokyo and all points east and west?
She becomes an author who can write about those romantic places. With a passion for cowboys, spies, rakes, knights in shining armor and their gutsy women, Cerise DeLand is an author who adores an alpha male with a tender heart and a need for a smoldering erotic love affair with the right woman!
Cerise is a Top 20 Best Selling author on Amazon with more than three dozen works published in erotic romance, and she is the award-winning author of mystery, mainstream and romance with St. Martin’s Press, Pocket Books and Kensington. Her books are on numerous book clubs, including Featured Selections of The Mystery Guild, Doubleday and Rhapsody. And when she isn’t dreaming up fiction or traveling? Cerise is a fabulous cook and an avid history buff.
Busy lady. Happy writer.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Paws Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Christmas Paws Hop!

I currently live with 6 furry animal friends. Yep, that's right, SIX! Five dogs and one cat. But instead of talking about one of them, today I'm going to remember one of our animal friends who passed over the rainbow bridge a few years ago.

This is Miss Bethany. She was a shelter kitty who really didn't want to be at the shelter. She loved it when I'd visit because I always gave her extra kitty treats and butt scratches. One day, I decided to take her home. She only weighed six pounds. Little kitty. She was a Manx (no tail) and she had health problems out the wazoo! She required monthly shots, sometimes intravenous fluids and had to have all of her teeth pulled. There were other issues too but we'll leave it at that.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mutt or Meow Monday, Meet Bijous, Dena Garson's Meow

Welcome to Mutt or Meow Monday!

Mutt or Meow Monday is where we interview the author’s animal friends instead of interviewing the author. Let’s see what the animals have to say!

It’s great to have you here today.

Please introduce yourself!
My name is Bijous. It means small treasure. I am a nine-year-old grey tabby cat, with a touch of aristocracy. I rule my domain with hauteur but allow these peasants who serve me to come and go as they please. My theory is that a happy servant is a manageable servant.

What’s your favorite book by Dena Garson and why?
It was her most recent one, Ghostly Persuasion, because I created a ghost cat for the book. However, I recently discovered that she omitted the cat from the final draft.
I don’t understand why.
Every haunted castle-turned-hotel needs a mascot. And that character had depth and humor. It practically carried the plot.

Do you ever interrupt Dena for attention when she’s trying to write? Does she stop and give you attention, brush you off, or bribe you with treats?
It’s never an interruption when I need something or wish to be petted. I admit that she isn’t terribly responsive sometimes. But, then, peasants can be rather dense and don’t listen well to instruction. I insist that the goldfish crackers she likes to eat when while writing be shared. I simply won’t take no for an answer. Once I’ve had my fill, I’m content to return to my look-out at the end of the bed or back of the couch.

Does Dena ever read her writing to you? Do you like it?
Occasionally she will wake me to ask a question. But when I’ve been sleeping, I don’t always understand what she is asking so I generally roll over and ignore her.

Has Dena ever based one of her characters on you? Which one?
She once wrote a short story about a cat that helped her peasant meet the next door neighbor. The two of them fell in love or some such gushy stuff and lived happily ever after. I can’t imagine putting myself in harm’s way or expending that much energy so I doubt it was based on me.

What does Dena do to celebrate when she finishes writing a book?
She tells her offspring, who appear to feel the same way I do (“oh, that’s nice”). But a few times she has insisted on going out to eat dinner or splurging on a tub of ice cream.

What do you wish Dena would do with her writing time instead of writing?
She still hasn’t built a shrine in my honor yet. I’ve been waiting for almost a decade. It’s just so hard to get good help.

What’s the best part about living with an author?
She usually leaves me alone and lets me sleep which is all I really want to do.

What’s the worst part about living with an author?
The litter box isn’t as clean as I would like sometimes.

Catnip, toys or scratching post?
None of the above. I prefer bugs. Bugs amuse me. Occasionally I’ll stash Christmas ornaments in secret places throughout the house and bring them out when the peasants aren’t looking.

Head rubs, belly rubs or butt scratches?
Head and back rubs. No one touches my belly or else.

Final thoughts: A tip for my fellow felines. When your peasant gets up from their writing space, even if they are just going to the bathroom, make sure you jump up or roll over into their vacated seat. Not only will you be able to enjoy a moment of warmth, but it annoys your peasant when they have to move you every time they return.

Ghostly Persuasion
Dena Garson
Erotic, paranormal romance

Here’s the link to the book trailer video for Ghostly Persuasion:

Back cover blurb:
When American-born Katie takes her mother’s ashes home to Ireland, she finds hunky but spellbound Seamus loitering in her suite at Castle Tullamore. Seamus is surprised Katie can see and hear him because he was turned into a spirit three hundred years earlier. He acts as her personal tour guide, not only showing her the historical sights but introducing her to voyeurism and a variety of other carnal delights.
As frustrating as it is for them to not be able to touch each other, they push the limits as far as possible. Katie is determined to help Seamus break the spell cast on him by the wife of a previous lord, a woman he refused to take as a lover. With help from a few castle ghosts and the local witch, the two of them aim to free him and find a way to be together in the flesh.

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