Monday, November 4, 2013

Mutt or Meow Monday with Dallas, Jocelyn Dex's Doggy

Welcome to Mutt or Meow Monday! 

Mutt or Meow Monday is where we interview the author’s animal friends instead of interviewing the author. Let’s see what the animals have to say!

It’s great to have you here today!

Please introduce yourself.
Hi. My name is Dallas but my mom calls me Boogie and lots of other weird names. I’m a beagle-mix and I know how to high-five, spin and file my own front nails.

Do you ever interrupt Jocelyn for attention when she’s trying to write? Does she stop and give you attention, brush you off, or bribe you with treats?
Yep. When I need attention, I demand it. If she tries to ignore me, I squeeze my big body in between her and her laptop. She laughs and gives me hugs and kisses and sometimes she bribes me with treats.

Does Jocelyn ever read her writing to you? Do you like it?
No, she said I’m too young to hear about the things in her books. I’ll be three in February though, maybe I’ll be old enough then.

Has Jocelyn ever based one of her characters on you? Which one?
Yep. She told me there’s a demon dog-like thing with wings in her Sempire Seductions series that is loosely based on me. His name is Kiberry. I’m glad my name isn’t Kiberry.

What do you wish Jocelyn would do with her writing time instead of writing?
I wish she would spend every second of every day cuddling me, playing with me and most especially feeding me. I like food. A lot.

What’s the best part about living with an author?
Having my person home with me all day.

Chicken, bacon or cheese? All of those and anything else edible. I'll do anything for food!

Butt sniffin’, leg humpin’, fluffy toys? I sometimes do all of those but prefer fluffy toys that I can rip the stuffing out of.

Final thoughts: Buy my mom’s books so she can afford more treats and toys for me. Woof!

Valia’s Villain
Sempire Seductions, Book 2
Jocelyn Dex
Valia’s Villain Blurb
When Valia approaches the Ferox demon, hoping for scorching sex and a feed, she doesn’t expect to be handcuffed, transported to the demon realm, accused of dirty deeds she has no memory of committing and held captive for three days.  Even though she believes her captor to be crazy, she feels a connection to him she’s felt with no one else.

When Rydin senses the Sempire who locked him up, fed on him and used him as a sex slave many years ago, he knows his wait for revenge is finally over. Burning with the need to punish her, he imprisons her in the demon realm, where she is at his mercy, but as much as he tries to ignore it, a connection sparks between them every time they touch.

Author Bio
Jocelyn was born in Iowa and currently resides in hot-as-hell Texas. She shares her home with her very own 6'4" alpha male and varying numbers of spoiled cats and dogs. Teaching one of her dogs to file his nails is one of her all-time favorite accomplishments.

She thinks dragonflies are awesome, spiders are creepy and it’s rumored that she sleeps with a machete by her bed in case zombies attack in the middle of the night.

Jocelyn loves to paint, loves to read, and loves to write sizzling erotic romance about yummy demons that would make your momma blush.

Here’s where you can find Jocelyn on the web

Here’s where you can buy Valia’s Villain


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