Monday, February 18, 2013

Itty-bitty Review of Venice Vampyr

Venice Vampyr
Author: Tina Folsom
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire

Venice, early 1800s

Isabella Tenderini, a wealthy merchant's widow rescues a stranger from drowning in one of Venice's canals. And how does the man repay her selfless act? By kissing her - her, a respectable woman.

Not only is Raphael di Santori grateful for his life being saved, he would also like to thank his rescuer very intimately - more intimately than decorum allows. But then, Raphael has never been one to play by the rules - as a vampire he doesn't have to.

Itty-bitty Review
If you’re looking for a vampire story with a slightly different twist and some taboo sex scenes, this might be for you. One of the sex scenes at the end of the story was too taboo for me and I had to erase the image from my mind but that doesn't mean it’s too taboo for you.

This is the warning on Amazon: Warning: explicit and graphic sex, incl. voyeurism and other sexual taboos. Not for the faint of heart! This is an erotic novella.

Heat Rating
Exploding Cocks

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