Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Interview with Sidney Bristol

Welcome Sidney Bristol, author of Collar Me in Paris, a Contemporary BDSM Erotic Romance. Hi Sidney! Thanks for stopping by. 

About Author and Author's Most Recent Release 

Q: Do you have a favorite quote or line from Collar Me in Paris? If so, please share.
A: “There’s a larger vibrator in my bag, kind of egg shaped.”
Q: Who is your favorite main character from this book? Why?
A: That’s hard! I really like both Bianca and Clay for different reasons. I think in this book though, Clay really shines. I knew he’d had a tough life when I wrote the couple into Bound with Pearls, the previous book, but I didn’t know yet how rough it had been. It made me really root for him to find his place in the family.
Q: Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?
A: Amy! Hands down. She’s a little awkward, a lot reserved and she still knows what she wants.
Q: What was the hardest part of writing Collar Me in Paris?
A: For me it was writing the Female Dominant and male submissive dynamic. It’s a different headspace than I normally write. The rationale behind that relationship is completely different. Each half has to lead and follow in the right places to make it work.
Q: What question do you wish that someone would ask about Collar Me in Paris?
A: Are the Catacombs really full of bones?
Q: Convince readers to buy your book in 25 words or less.
A: What woman doesn’t want to be swept off her feet in Paris?

On Writing and Writing Erotica

Q: Why did you choose to write in this genre/subgenre?
A: I really enjoy BDSM elements in stories, and after extensive research I decided to give it a whirl. The first product was Bound with Pearls, and Collar Me in Paris is the second.
Q: Do you outline or do you start with a basic idea and let it flow? (plotter or pantser)
A: I have a basic idea, I flesh it out in an outline, or really a bullet point of things that happen, divide that into “days” in the story and go. There’s always room for tweaking.
Q: Do your family and friends know what you write? If so, what do they think about it?
A: Kind of. My family is well aware that I write romance books, thanks to a particularly nosey and over-sharing family member. My mom and dad are very supportive of my writing career, and happily oblivious to the extent of the romance. I think my mom’s enthusiasm prevents anyone else from having negative things to say.
Q: In erotica/erotic romance, the sex is depicted graphically. Are there any specific words or phrases you aren't comfortable using in your stories? Word or phrase that makes you say “ick”?
A: I’m not fan of anything moist or the word cunt. I know people who disagree, and that’s okay!
Q: What is your favorite part of writing erotica/erotic romance?
A: The honesty. I like that I can write about people who fess up to their wants and desires both to themselves and their partner.
Q: How long ago was your first story accepted by a publisher and did you pee your pants? J
A: LOL! I think I almost peed my pants. Flirting with Rescue was accepted in the early fall of 2011 and I was very excited and thrilled and happy and squealed a lot.
Q: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the publishing process?
A: My favorite days are cover reveal days my Ellora’s Cave contract days because I get to pen my Contract Comic Strip on the envelope I send in to the office in Ohio. Yes, I have an ongoing comic strip I started because the Editor in Chief said more authors should doodle on their envelopes. I don’t think she realized that I was going to do a full on comic!

Fun Stuff

Q: Tattoos. Hot or not? And do you have any?
A: Hot. Hot. Hot! And yes, many!
Q: Wine, Beer or Liquor?
A: Dr Pepper? I’m a liquor drinker when I drink!
Q: Dogs, cats or other?
A: All of the above!
Q: Kindle, Nook, Paper? Other?
A: Nookie.
Q: Vibrators, nipple clamps or butt plugs? J
A: Can I pick and choose? Vibrators and nipple clamps.
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get away from the zombies.
Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: 42. For those non-Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans, I’d say happiness.

Back cover blurb:

What begins as Clay’s first family vacation with his new wife quickly dives into disaster. He may be the submissive in their relationship, but he’s no shy violet. Bianca has taught him the quickest way to turn her on is a challenge, so he’s throwing down the gauntlet.
Bianca butts heads with not just her brothers but her husband when the family torturing begins. But the joke is on him. She’s ready to put him through the most erotic misery of all. In public, at a night club and all over the city, she’ll show him who is Dominant in their relationship until he’s screaming for more.

Their relaxing Paris vacation turns into a mad dash through the ancient streets, a competition of wills and a new exploration of what it takes to make their relationship work. From bondage, discipline and very public orgasms to navigating the M├ętro, family feuds and overcoming the language barrier, they’re going to redefine the word fun.

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  1. Great interview. Are the catacombs really full of bones?

    1. They are! The bones are stacked in patterns and sometimes in groupings of types of bones, like, walls of skulls or femurs. It sounds gross, but they're arranged to make really interesting designs. It's not for everyone, but it was one of my favorite things to see!

  2. Thanks for being here today, Sidney! The catacombs sound awesomely freaky. :-)


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