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Fun interview with Francesca Hawley, author of Leader of the Pack

Today... Fun interview with Francesca Hawley, author of Leader of the Pack, a paranormal/shifter, M/F erotic romance.
About Author and Author's Most Recent Release

Q: Do you have a favorite quote or line from this book? If so, please share.
A:  "Helt jävla otroligt" - which is Swedish for "Fucking unbelievable." It's Per's assessment of sex between them and Yohana finally agrees with him.

Q: Who is your favorite main character from this book? Why?
A: I love my heroine, Yohana. She's strong and cares about her shifter pack so much she's willing to make huge sacrifices for them.

Q: Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?
A:  Serena Goldwolf. She's a continuity character from Alpha vs. Alpha and she's a good matchmaker and a good friend.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing this book?
A: Finishing it. I got about half way done with it, then it sat on my computer for about a year. I got hung up on how to finish the story. This year, the ending hit me and I was able to get it written quickly and I like the flow of the story.

Q: What question do you wish that someone would ask about your book?
A: What's the appeal of Swedish guys? And my response is - who can resist all that blond, blue eyed hotness? Definitely, not me.

Q: Convince readers to buy your book in 25 words or less.
A: Yohana Whitewolf uses a specialized matchmaking service for shapeshifters. Dr. Per Goldwolf fits her needs and much to her dismay, her wants, as well.

On Writing and Writing Erotica

Q: Why did you choose to write in this genre/subgenre?
A: I love shapeshifters and the fated mates setup. It's fun to have two people meet and be stuck to one another whether they want to be or not. As an author, it's my job to make sure the reader enjoys the journey of them working out their differences to be together.

Q: Do you outline or do you start with a basic idea and let it flow? (plotter or pantser)
A: I'm a pantser - who is slightly hybrid. I know how I want to start and how the story should end. I may also know a few select plot points along the way, but then I write freeform and just let me characters show me what they want me to write about them.

Q: Do your family and friends know what you write? If so, what do they think about it?
A: My mother was really supportive of my writing as long as I had a practical way to earn a living until my writing took off. She always believed in me and I really appreciate that. My sister knows I write and she's very happy for me. Other friends also know I write. Some have read my stories and really enjoy them. Others aren't so interested in the story, but they are pleased that I am doing something I love.

Q: In erotica/erotic romance, the sex is depicted graphically. Are there any specific words or phrases you aren't comfortable using in your stories? Word or phrase that makes you say “ick”?
A: I use most of the words available to me. I have used "cunt" at times - as a descriptive part of the female anatomy. I consciously used it as first as a way to "take back the power" of the word. There are some of my readers that have told me they like my stories but wished I didn't use that word.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing erotica/erotic romance?
A: I really love the fact that I can describe the entirety of the relationship. Many times, lovemaking or just plain hot sex creates conflict in a relationship. The fact that I don't have to pretend that sex happens is very freeing to me. I don't have to

Q: How long ago was your first story accepted by a publisher and did you pee your pants? J
A: Alpha vs. Alpha was originally published by Draumr Publishing back in 2005. I was very excited and what that did for me was that it gave me the confidence to keep writing. When I sold Protect and Defend to Ellora's Cave, I think I screamed but I didn't pee my pants.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the publishing process?
A: The "hurry up and wait" parts. Once you submit something and then the long wait to find out if your editor likes a story well enough to contract it. That's the part I don't like. I get very antsy and start climbing the walls.

Fun Stuff

Q: Tattoos. Hot or not? And do you have any?
A: I used to think they were gross, but now I really like them. I think they're hot. But no, I don't have any.

Q: Wine, Beer or Liquor?
A: Liquor - I like the sweet fruity ice drinks like Sex on the Beach and that takes some hard booze.
Q: Dogs, cats or other?

A: All of the above. I love animals - all of them. I have two cats right now, but growing up my younger brother was a dachshund.

Q: Kindle, Nook, Paper? Other?
A: Nook and iPad.

Q: Vibrators, nipple clamps or butt plugs? J
A: Again - all of the above. At the same time. Evil laugh. Mwa ha ha!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To avoid the asshole walking in his direction.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: 42

Final thoughts: 
One of my favorite movie lines is from Auntie Mame (1955) starring Rosalind Russell. "Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." I loved Mame Dennis. She had a joy in life that I really strive to emulate. I want to live life to the fullest and never starve at that banquet.

Back cover blurb:

Leader of the Pack

Surgeon Dr. Per Goldwolf needs a mate to make partner in a prestigious practice.—a matchmaking service for shapeshifters—not only finds him a mate, they match him with his True Mate. Yohana’s long legs and fair flesh make him lick his lips and her scent makes him rock-hard.

New packleader Yohana Whitewolf’s life goal is to follow in her sire’s pawprints and lead her pack. Leadership demands sacrifices. To calm her people, Yohana needs a mate. But finding an Alpha male who won’t take over is a tall order. Yohana doesn’t want the complication of a True Mate, but Per is a sexy, intelligent Alpha male and she wants to shred his clothes every time she touches him.

Everything should be perfect—except she’s a packleader, and the Whitewolf pack is nervous.


Go buy Leader of the Pack!


  1. Jocelyn - Thanks so much for inviting me to visit for my release day! I really appreciate it.

  2. "Helt jävla otroligt"
    How the heck do you promounce that? Love the idea of this story.


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