Monday, November 19, 2012

My Road to Getting Published

I started writing a paranormal romance novel about two years ago. I loved the characters and the plot but I lost something along the way. I think I was too close to some of the subject matter. So, I put it aside to get some distance and let it stew in the back of my mind.

In April 2012, a new species of demon popped into my mind while visiting my mother. On the three hour drive home from her house, I talked to myself (yes, out loud like a nutjob) and figured out the entire story give or take a few elements.

I was so freaking excited because I just knew I could complete this story without the hangups the first one presented.

It took me 3 months to write the first draft and then another month to revise and clean it up to the point I felt comfortable submitting it to a publisher.

In September 2012, I submitted the partial manuscript of Araya's Addiction to my first choice erotic publisher - Ellora's Cave.

Within two days, I received an email saying it passed initial review.
Two weeks later, an editor requested the full manuscript.
Exactly one month after that, I received an acceptance email.

What? Yes! I immediately burst into tears (hysterical, happy tears) and called my husband, my best friend and my mother. Then, I think, I drank a beer. Ha. I was bananas!

It's November 2012 and I'm waiting on edits from my editor and I'm both excited and intimidated because I have no idea what she's going to suggest/request. That'll be another blog post.

I can't wait until Araya's Addiction has a release date!

I feel SUPER lucky to have received an acceptance on my first story. I'm hoping the second story, which is in progress, will have a similar fate.

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