Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Interview with Berengaria Brown for Naked Statues

Today, I interviewed Berengaria Brown, author of Naked Statues, a paranormal erotic romance.
About Author and Author's Most Recent Release
Q: Do you have a favorite quote or line from this book? If so, please share.
A: Through his haze of release, Ulric heard Heath yelling. He looked up to see a young couple, naked, dancing around the fountain.
“Free! We’re free! We’re free!” the woman was shouting.
“What the fuck?”
Fleur was ripped from his arms, Ulric flew through the air—then nothing.
Q: Who is your favorite main character from this book? Why?
A:Ulric (Ricky), because he’s so determined to solve their problems and make everything right again.

Q: Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?
A: Eros, because he’s a mixture of mysterious and naughty.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing this book?
A: Making sure all the main characters were equally important and relevant.

Q: What question do you wish that someone would ask about your book?
A: What do statues do at night when no one is watching? (Read on and find out!)

Q: Convince readers to buy your book in 25 words or less.
A: Three people trapped inside statues, determined to get free. A young couple facing an enormous problem. A mischievous god. Hot sex.

On Writing and Writing Erotica

Q: Why did you choose to write in this genre/subgenre?
A: It’s what I like to read.

Q: Do you outline or do you start with a basic idea and let it flow? (plotter or pantser)
A: I have a start and end point and a few places I want to hit on the way through. The rest is whatever the characters lead me into.

Q: Do your family and friends know what you write? If so, what do they think about it?
A: A few close friends have been a wonderful support to me.

Q: In erotica/erotic romance, the sex is depicted graphically. Are there any specific words or phrases you aren't comfortable using in your stories? Word or phrase that makes you say “ick”?
A: I prefer explicit to purple prose: to me “cock” is more appropriate than “purple-helmeted warrior”.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing erotica/erotic romance?
A: Seeing where the characters lead me.

Q: How long ago was your first story accepted by a publisher and did you pee your pants? J
A: April 2010. No, but I was excited.
Q: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the publishing process?
A: Favorite is writing. Least favorite is promotion.

Fun Stuff

Q: Tattoos. Hot or not? And do you have any?
A: Hot indeed. Maybe.

Q: Wine, Beer or Liquor?
A: Champagne

Q: Dogs, cats or other?
A: Cats

Q: Kindle, Nook, Paper? Other?
A: Any digital format

Q: Vibrators, nipple clamps or butt plugs? J
A: Vibrators

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Why not?

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: To have fun and to help others.

Final thoughts:
Thank you for inviting me here today, Jocelyn.
You are welcome!

Back cover blurb:

A series of naked, well-endowed statues in the Botanical Gardens encourage lovers Fleur, Ricky and Heath to indulge in some hot, naughty public sex. But is there more to these statues than rock-hard abs?
Lily and Flynn have been trapped inside a statue since last Halloween. When a mischievous god with a love of all things sexual swaps them for the trio of lovers, can the strength of their love set them all free?

Go buy Naked Statues!


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