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Interview with Virginia Nelson, author of Eternal Nights, Sekhmet's Guardians Series

Author Name:  V.S. Nelson
Book Name: Eternal Nights – Sekhmet’s Guardians – Book Two
Genre: steamy paranormal romance
Subgenre: urban fantasy

With each passing day Jessica’s consciousness grew stronger. For twenty years she was content to remain as she was—trapped inside another. The life she led came to an abrupt end the moment she laid eyes on Raphael. At first she suspected they were destined to be together--his gentle touch confirmed it. Although he didn’t know it, he ignited waves of a fiery passion that burned deep into her soul. It became brighter every day, giving her the strength she needed. Somehow she would find a way to free herself from her grandmother’s powerful magic.

Since her birth she learned vicariously from observing others of her kind and until now she was satisfied with the life she led. She had everything one would need to live a meaningful life without the stress the human world inflicts on its inhabitants. With each passing day her obsession to be more than she was, intensified. Jessica knew she was gifted with her race's abilities to communicate with others but until now she had never used them. They say practice makes perfect and she was at a point now where she could make her presence known—at least to him.

About the Author and Author's Most Recent Release
 Q: Do you have a favorite quote or line from Eternal Nights? If so, please share.
A: “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE… Did a bomb go off?”

Q: Who is your favorite main character from Eternal Nights? Why?
A: While most readers love the hero Raphael, I am partial to Jessica (heroine). Its tough being trapped another being for twenty years. Watching her come alive and into her own has truly been an amazing journey not only for her but for this author.

Q: Who is your favorite secondary character? Why?
A: Without a doubt, Ronan, Jessica and Jennifer’s full blooded Selkie father. There is still so much we don’t know about the Selkie race and I feel the key to that understanding is within him.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing Eternal Nights?
A: Not just the book but the entire series, and that would be having so many unique characters ramble around inside my head. It can be quite difficult at times especially when they are all talking at once.

Q: What question do you wish that someone would ask about Eternal Nights?
A: Why do you write such vivid love scenes?

Q: Convince readers to buy Eternal Nights in 25 words or less.
A: Unlike most band-of-brothers paranormal romance series, all the books in this series, including Eternal Nights, concentrate on the heroine’s journey. Who are these women who manage to captive the immortal warriors they come into contact with? What secrets do they possess that we do not, are questions I think every reader wants to know.
On Writing and Writing Erotica
Q: Why did you choose to write in this genre/subgenre?
A: After writing non-fiction for years, my retirement life was already planned… or so I thought. That was until Gabriel, the hero from Eternal Lovers, book one in the series, made his presence known. There was no turning back or shutting him up. That man, immortal, muse, or what ever you want to call him is very demanding to say the least.

Q: Do you outline or do you start with a basic idea and let it flow? (plotter or pantser)
A: I am a panstser and there is no two ways about it. I write the stories as I see them in my dreams. Once I have a rough draft I go back and begin the long process of rewrites and edits.

Q: Do your family and friends know what you write? If so, what do they think about it?
A: My family is very encouraging to say the least. My mother was the last to read book one of the series, stating repeatedly, she would wait until it was released. Then one day she walked in grabbed an ARC copy of my coffee table and said, “mine.” I since then had to hide the ARC from her…

Q: In erotica/erotic romance, the sex is depicted graphically. Are there any specific words or phrases you aren't comfortable using in your stories? Word or phrase that makes you say “ick”?
A: None that I can think of. The sex scenes in this book/series are pretty descriptive although commentators have referred to the scenes as sensual and hot, not truly erotica.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing erotica/erotic romance?
A: Trying out various positions or scenes with my DH.

Q: How long ago was your first story accepted by a publisher and did you pee your pants? J
A: My first piece was published in a magazine back in 1968. I really don’t remember my reaction. My first non-fiction novel was accepted for publication much later and yes I think I did pee my pants.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the publishing process?
A: Without a doubt, edits.
Fun Stuff
Q: Tattoos. Hot or not? And do you have any?
A: Depends on who they are on – and where they are placed.  Personally have – no, although I have considered it several times. Guess I just never got around to it.
Q: Wine, Beer or Liquor?
A: Love good sweet white wine and Amaretto.
Q: Dogs, cats or other?
A: I love all animals. Currently, I'm down to having three birds own me.
Q: Kindle, Nook, Paper? Other?
A: Paper
Q: Vibrators, nipple clamps or butt plugs? J
A: Would prefer the real thing behind the toys.
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get to the hot guy across the street.
Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: Have no idea, if you figure it out, please share.

Author Bio
V.S. Nelson has always enjoyed reading stories with strong relationships and happy endings so it's not surprising she found herself writing across the romance genre. Even her commercial fiction, Sins of a Man, the memoirs of a Mafia Hit man, is layered with romantic elements.

Landing in Arizona, after an exciting teaching career, which took her to the Middle East for several years, she lives in Arizona where she spend most of my time making love to her computer while writing, editing or researching, seven to ten hours a day. The days she's not writing, you will find her with her critique partners at Starbucks, attending or presenting a workshop or at a RWA meeting.

Being a Native American woman and a Scorpio, she's always had a fondness for history, mythology, the occult, and the unexplained events which have occurred on this world we call home. It was no wonder she found herself writing a paranormal series.
She enjoys hearing from readers, fans and people with similar interests. 
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