Monday, May 6, 2013

How WriteWay Pro Helps Me Write a Synopsis #writewaypro @writewaypro

Ask a writer what one of their least favorite things to do is and many of them will tell you it’s writing a synopsis for their book. It’s often referred to as the “dreaded synopsis”. The prospect of breaking their entire story down to two or three pages is horrifying to some.

I had to write my first synopsis when submitting Araya’s Addiction, an erotic paranormal romance, to a publisher and didn’t really know how so I scoured the internet for tips and advice. Almost every article I came across mentioned how dreaded and hated synopsis writing was by authors and it scared me. I was thinking, “Oh crap. This is going to be the worst thing ever. Eevvveeerrrr.”

Luckily, I use WriteWay Pro and realized it could be a huge help in writing that scary synopsis.

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With WriteWay Pro, out to the left of your manuscript is a scene tree. That’s right, I call it a scene tree. I’m sure WriteWay calls it something more sensible like an outline but whatever. You can label each individual scene and chapter with a fairly long title. I use it to very briefly describe what’s happening in each scene.

So when it comes time to write my synopsis, I simply export the scene tree to a word document and begin rewriting and expanding each scene title. At the end, I have a synopsis. Easy peasy.

Now, I’m not saying my synopses are the most fantastic things since puppy love, lite beer or white chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but my editor hasn’t yet cringed in utter horror at the prospect of reading them. At least, not that she’s told me.

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