Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Sexy Snippet #sexysnippet

I'm participating in the Sunday Sexy Snippet today. Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday by The Nuthouse Scibblers.

Here's my sexy seven sentence snippet from Araya's Addiction, an erotic paranormal romance.

She wanted to close the door, but the alluring scene held her captive, her feet frozen in place. He stopped stroking himself just long enough to slide open the shower door, giving her a completely unobstructed view of the water running down his muscled body, running off the thick head of his erection.

Not only did her mouth water, her pussy ached and flooded with desire.

He resumed the stroking, faster this time, sometimes breaking the motion to slide his fingers over his balls. She saw the muscles in his arm tense as he squeezed and stroked harder, faster.

His strained voice startled her out of her daze. “If you want it, hurry.”


  1. It's too early to be reading this Jocelyn! I'm just going to read it one more time… ;)

    1. Ha. It's never too early for an Incubus in the shower!

  2. Oh, jump in that shower already, girl! Fab seven!!! I do love a man in the shower!

  3. Can I trade places with the heroine? That was HOT!


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