Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Erotic Books Not Searchable in Amazon “All Departments”

Araya's Addiction is now available on Amazon. YEA! Buy it Here. BUT...

After cussing and bitching and stress almost bursting my eyeballs, I learned something new.

One minute I was on Amazon searching for my book and it popped right up. The next minute, it was gone. I thought I was losing my mind. Finally, I realized Amazon filters “adult” content. 

Adult content is not searchable if you are in the default “All Departments” category.

Actually some adult content is. I don't know how they decide what is and what isn't. I hardly find it fair for my book to restricted in that manner when I found books with "gangbang" in the title that are searchable in All Departments. My book is graphic but it depicts nothing close to a gangbang.

Anyway, to find my book you must be in the “Books” or “Kindle Store” categories. See red circle in screenshot.

While we’re talking about Amazon, I’d appreciate it if next time you’re there, you’d click that little “Like” button by my book. (It’s not linked to Facebook - only Amazon.)

If you're feeling generous, give my Amazon author page a like too. It's currently a work in progress.
Jocelyn Dex Amazon Author Page



  1. that's weird. I went to like your page and it can't find you. I can't locate your book. Any idea what's up?

    1. You have to be in the BOOKS category to find it. It's lame. Amazon is filtering some adult books but not others. I don't get it. Here's the link to my book on Amazon: www.amazon.com/dp/B00AZZDKG6/ref=cm_sw_su_dp

    2. I see the link broke. Don't forget the P at the end.

  2. I'm sorry. You meant my Amazon Author Page, didn't you? I redid the link and it's working now.

    I need sleep. Brain fried. :-/



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