Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Specials * eBook Deals

Author: Lady T. L. Jennings
Title: The Mystery of the Black Widow ~ A Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic Novella

2.) Author: Janet Lynn
Title: He Must Have Her: Bloodlove, Part I: A billionaire vampire romance

3.) Author: Ani Gonzalez
Title: Ghost of a Chance

4.) Author: Nancy Glynn
Title: Immortal Kiss: A Golden Hills Legacy Novel

5.) Author: Jenny Schwartz
Title: Demon Hunter

6.) Author: Dorian Mayfair
Title: The Secret Mistress

7.) Author: D.N. Hoxa
Title: Heartbeat (Morta Fox #1)

8.) Author: Jacinta Laurenti
Briar Rose: Taken on All Hallows Eve (Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales)

9.) Author: Lynda Belle (will be on sale from the 28th of October)
Bordello of Vampire Pleasure: Omnibus

10.) Author: Jocelyn Dex and others
Title: Sexy to Go Halloween 2 Box Set: (Shapeshifter Vampire Demon Fallen Angel Ghost and more!)

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