Sunday, July 17, 2016

Want you so bad it hurts. #sexysnippets from Alpha Awakened

Happy Sunday!

Please check out a sexy snippet from Alpha Awakened, an erotic shifter romance. 

In this scene Hope is trying to get Hale to see that there is something between them, but Hale resists.

Sexy Snippet

“Doesn’t something inside you say you want me, too?” Hope asked.

Breath hissed between Hale’s teeth as he picked her up by the butt and sat her on the countertop. He pressed his erection between her legs and ground it against her. He licked and nipped at her ear and whispered roughly, “I want you so fucking bad it hurts.”

Then he pulled away from her so fast, she almost face-planted on the floor.

“But,” he said, “it’s not gonna happen. Get outta here, Red, and seriously, don’t come back.”


Hale, a fox shifter, hates everyone and everything, especially himself. He’s an angry, bitter, mentally unstable drunk who blames himself for his mate’s death. Not being able to tolerate being in the presence of female fox shifters, uncontrollable rage erupts when he meets Hope, and he’s torn between killing her and kissing her.

Hope knows she has to have Hale the second he steps inside her shop. The fox inside her comes to life and demands to be claimed. Even though Hale is vulgar, volatile, and threatens her at every turn, she wants to ease his pain, bring joy back into his life, and make him hers.

Can Hope break through Hale’s walls and awaken the alpha within, or will Hale finally scare her away for good?

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  1. Welcome to sexy snippets, Jocelyn, So glad you joined us :-) Such a yummy snippet too!


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