Monday, April 6, 2015

Mutt or Meow Monday: Meet Binx, Jessica Coulter Smith's Meow

Welcome to Mutt or Meow Monday!
Mutt or Meow Monday is where we interview the author’s animal friends instead of interviewing the author. Let’s see what the animals have to say!

It’s great to have you here today.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Binx and I’m a domestic short-haired black cat. I love to sit in the window by Mom while she works, or curl up on the sofa next to her for a nap.

Do you ever interrupt Jessica Coulter Smith for attention when she’s trying to write? Does she stop and give you attention, brush you off, or bribe you with treats?

All the time! I’m always running across her keyboard or sitting on her chest, hiding under her hair, or chewing on her fingers so she’ll pet me. She usually smiles and laughs and loves on me for a bit, then tries to get back to work. Sometimes I let her and sometimes I don’t.

What does Jessica Coulter Smith do to celebrate when she finishes writing a book?

She usually treats herself to a sweet tea and a book and then spends an entire day reading. But the next morning, she’s right back to work. Sometimes I think the laptop is permanently attached to her from the time she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed, which isn’t until after midnight most nights.

What do you wish Jessica Coulter Smith would do with her writing time instead of writing?

Love me! I’d love it if she would put the laptop aside and let me curl up in her lap, so she could pet me for hours! I love my Mom and spend as much time with her as I can, even following her to the bathroom and going to bed when she does.

Catnip, toys or scratching post? I actually don’t have any of those things. I do love the various boxes Mom set up around the house for me though, and my human brother has a small rubber football that I like to carry around the house. We sometimes play fetch with small wads of paper, so that’s always fun too.
Head rubs, belly rubs or butt scratches? All of the above! Mom likes rubbing my head the most, but sometimes I flop over and let her rub my belly too.

Resisting the Alpha
Jessica Coulter Smith
paranormal romance


Bridget Donohue is beyond furious with the meddling alpha of the local wolf pack. He not only crashed her wedding, but scared the groom away. And for what? It isn’t like he’s ready to man up and claim her. 

Disgruntled by his attraction, Micah Smythe feels the pull but isn’t willing to bite. Bridget is irrational, mouthy, and temperamental. So why does his body respond every time she’s near? He’s declared her off limits, but the more time he spends with her, the harder it is to keep his hands to himself. 

Passion ignites between them, but Bridget refuses to give in to the wolf’s game of seduction. She’s determined to resist the alpha at all costs. 

Author Bio:
I’ve had many jobs over the years, but not one of them was half as fulfilling as being a writer. Just the act of creating a story, putting the words to paper, brings me joy, but what really makes it all worthwhile is when someone else gets to read it and is allowed to escape from their lives for a short while. Knowing that I’ve made someone laugh, cry, and perhaps even sigh in pleasure, is the greatest joy of all.

When I’m not writing, which isn’t often because quite honestly I’m obsessed, I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. There is one particular furbaby who is near and dear to me (and if you friend me on Facebook, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of him). In my downtime, I suppose I like what most people do – music, movies, books – but the books must always have a happily-ever-after. I can’t abide sad endings.

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  1. Thanks to Binx and Jessica for being here today! Binx is a cutie! And Resisting the Alpha sounds hot!

  2. Binx says thank you for having him on your blog today :)


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