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Mutt or Meow Monday: Meet Sheldon Sherlock Smaug Cooper Cat, Debra Glass' Meow

Welcome to Mutt or Meow Monday!

Mutt or Meow Monday is where we interview the author’s animal friends instead of interviewing the author. Let’s see what the animals have to say!

It’s great to have you here today.

Please introduce yourself.

My full name is Sheldon Sherlock Smaug Cooper Cat and I am a black and white Jellicle Cat like the ones in the famed TS Eliot poem, The Jellicle Ball.

What’s your favorite book by Debra Glass and why?

I am only seven months old, but when she was working on her current release, Rakehell, I sat on her desk, obscuring her view from her computer screen in order to sneak and read the historical romance, which is set in Victorian England. I couldn’t wait to find out how she was going to turn a marriage of convenience into a happily ever after for Adam and Primrose, but those love scenes made me blush!

Do you ever interrupt Debra for attention when she’s trying to write? Does she stop and give you attention, brush you off, or bribe you with treats?

I most certainly try to interrupt! I meow until she gives me treats. (It works every time. She can’t resist my adorable face and I use it to my full advantage) I stand in front of her computer screen so she’ll pet me – and of course, so I can read the good parts of her naughty historical romances.

Has Debra ever based one of her characters on you? Which one?

I think so, but I’m not sure… Her current work in progress, Lashwood, which is contracted with Ellora’s Cave, has a hero with penetrating eyes and a sexy baritone voice whose name is Benedict. Since my middle name is Sherlock, I can only assume I served as her inspiration.

What does Debra do to celebrate when she finishes writing a book?
When she finishes a book, she usually takes a nap and lets me sleep in her hair.

What else does Debra do instead of writing?
My mom just started iCandy Stock Photography, a romance novel cover stock site with lots of images authors can buy and use on the covers of their books. Any authors looking for fresh images for their books, websites, or promotional material, should check out her site at!

What’s the best part about living with an author?

The thing I love most about living with an author is that she is always home with me. Although I have a sister, Lilly, and a brother, Severus, they are older cats than I am and don’t give me as much attention as I deserve! Sometimes Severus even hisses at me.

What’s the worst part about living with an author?

She is always home and I can’t eat her plants, claw the sofa, walk on the countertops, or annoy the older cats while they try to nap.

Catnip, toys or scratching post?

All three combined in one! I have a scratch pad that my mommy puts catnip in. I love to claw it better than the sofa and sometimes I take nap on it.

Head rubs, belly rubs or butt scratches?

All of the above. I follow my mom from room to room, meowing loudly until she stops to pet me. My sister, Lilly, loves belly rubs because her belly fur never grew back after she was spayed. Severus is the kinky one of the bunch. He likes to be spanked.

Final thoughts: Send my mom a request to her personal facebook page, because she’s always posting handsome pictures of me, talking about her books, and sharing images of those shredded cover models she photographs! There’s a link on her website.

Debra Glass
Historical / light bdsm

Back cover blurb:

Lady Primrose Black has a dilemma. Her father-in-law’s dying wish is that she reunite with her estranged husband and produce an heir. She hasn’t laid eyes on Lord Black since their wedding night five years ago, when he left Scarborough Hall in a rage.
Nevertheless, she resolves to find him, knowing once she does she will have to use every method at her disposal to entice the rake she never stopped loving.

Viscount Adam Black harbors dark needs and he will accept no less than his wife’s complete and utter surrender. Each sensual encounter leaves Primrose wanting more but as she submits to her husband’s every decadent desire, she resolves not to lose him again. For the secret that drove Adam away still haunts him. And this time it could prove fatal for them both.

Author Bio:

Growing up in the south where the air is thick with stories steeped in legend and truth, Debra came by her love of romance novels honestly. Well...sort of. At an early age, she pilfered from her grandmother's extensive library and has been a fan of the genre since.
A full time freelance writer, Debra especially enjoys combining history, mystery and a touch of taboo to weave stories with unforgettable, haunted heroes.
She lives in Alabama with her sexy real life hero, a couple of smart-aleck ghosts and a glaring of diabolical black cats.
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  1. Jocelyn, thanks so much for interviewing Sheldon! He's now demanding autographs from the other cats. :-)

    1. Debra, thanks for letting me interview your Meow. It was fun! :-)

  2. Fun interview! Thanks, Sheldon, for your insights...


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