Monday, June 3, 2013

Giveaway & Review of Demon Untamed by Kiersten Fay

Title: Demon Untamed
Author: Kiersten Fay
Series: Shadow Quest #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-fi

Demon Untamed takes readers on a sensual journey that weaves through the first three books in the Shadow Quest series.

Struggling to survive in an unforgiving universe, Ethan has sacrificed his life in pursuit of a single goal: Follow his king's orders and save their people from the ravenous Kayadon overlords. For so long, he's maintained his title and dark reputation as a notorious pirate to put into motion his king's intricate plot. He thought of nothing else... until he met her - the fiery demon who tempts him like no other.

After witnessing her father's brutal murder by the hand of pirates, Sonya has developed a special kind of hatred for their kind. When Ethan, otherwise known as the Pirate King, boards her ship and invades her space with his encompassing presence, she finds herself fighting to keep her distance. Yet she wonders if she even wants to, when he threatens to seduce her mind, body, soul... and most frightening of all, her heart.

I didn't realize Demon Untamed was the fourth book in a series when I accepted it for review. I always prefer to read a series in order but ya know what? This book was written so well, it made no difference. Sonya, the heroine, is a kick ass demon with a somewhat grumpy but fun personality. Ethan, the hero, also has a fun personality and is smokin' hot. The tension, sexual and otherwise, between the two, made for a fun read. If you like demons and sci-fi in your romance, you might like Demon Untamed. I did!

 Author Bio

Kiersten Fay has been a fan of the paranormal all her life, from watching sci-fi and supernatural television shows with her eccentric mother, to reading almost every type of romance she can get her hands on.

Before becoming an author Kiersten worked as a ninja graphic designer, and while she loved it, her true passion was in writing paranormal romance. Currently Kiersten is working on her steamy romance series called Shadow Quest, based loosely on mythology and lore, with a little sci-fi thrown in.

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  1. Thanks for being here! I really enjoyed the book!


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