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Review & Giveaway The Last Pyr of Eden

Review of The Last Pyr of Eden plus Giveaway!

The Last Pyr of Eden (Hearts of Eden #1)
by Chacelyn Pierce
Genre(s): Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Release Date: December 10, 2012
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 54,000


Outside the protected gates of Eden, ancient enemies lurk in waiting to drain elementals of all their power. 

For eons, the four elementals have bled their nourishing blood to sustain life for superior spirit elementals known as Daemons. No race has suffered in despair as critically as the fire elementals—the Pyr. Their numbers dwindled down so miserably, that Raynor is the last known warrior of the race, living on a faint hope that there is more of his kind between both worlds. He ventures out constantly searching for elementals to save from enslavement. In reality, he searches for a female to bond with.

After a yearlong trip away from Eden—an elemental settlement hidden deep in the woods—he is immediately confronted by the enchanting Sylph, Samira. She ignites desires and emotions in him that he considered long dead and nearly destroyed like his people. Indulging in his erotic cravings with Samira can be a daring game to play, because elementals have never intermingled in all recorded history.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language which may be considered offensive to some readers.

The Last Pyr of Eden was a well written and enjoyable fantasy romance. Reading about the elementals and their plight was entertaining. The world, the author created, was nifty and the hero and heroine were interesting characters, but I think my favorite character and the one I'd like to read more about is the "guardian", but I won't go into that because I don't want spoilers in this review. I don't consider this story to be "erotic" but there are a couple of steamy sex scenes and I'd definitely consider reading another story in this series.
Ten years ago 

Raynor knew the ignited fire had absorbed the encounter, and his skin sensed the horror in the flames. He heard the bloodcurdling scream of the girl, mere echoing shatters in the wisps of wind between the torrid blazes. His vision saw the subliminal outlines of human blood and death, the misshapen evil Phantoms between the flares. For a Pyr, fire could be used as an opaque narration, to be viewed as a distorted script or even a sketchy photograph. The inferno told him what its sparks touched, who lurked in the darkness and revealed that blood had been spilt. Elemental blood. Raynor hoped that a female fire elemental had started the fire. But because the fire was untamed, he stepped cautiously out of the ley line.  
He took in the scene in the distance. The ranch house was only lit by the fire burning up into the midnight sky. The nasty, ghoulish Phantoms circled the ramshackle house like buzzards, picking a strategy best suited for hunting elemental prey. Using the pull of the bonfire’s heat, he teleported in front of the house, right between the advancing malicious Phantoms and whoever was inside the house.  
Without delay, he kindled small flares from the bonfire, creating an amber ring of flames. His incandescent design raged savagely as he twisted the barricade to hinder the evil spirit elementals or detain them. At this moment, any little setback would help in ground-level attacks. Thirty of the greasy bastards floated around the ranch. The smoky shapes only knew one thing…to kill heartlessly.
The house behind his back was in shambles, barely standing on its rickety support beams. All the windows were blown out. Crumbs of glass shone like glittering diamonds on the dirt and reflected back the summer moon. The fallen-in house looked as if it had been abandoned but Raynor knew better. The fire didn’t lie, there was an elemental somewhere within its crumpled walls, and all he had to do was make it safe for her.  
He scanned over the human elderly owner of the house. Her corpse was face down in the ginger dust, blood pooling from her distorted body. She’d clearly been propelled from the living room window. Shards of glass were still embedded in her frail skin and tatters of her blouse clung to the windowsill. Raynor hated that he hadn’t made it in time to save her but the spirit Phantoms would pay for her horrid death. It wasn’t in their nature to kill humans but if the mortal stood in the way of their goal, a quick death was a relief.  
The vile spectres circled him in shifting, vague humanoid shapes, looking for weaknesses in his scorching barrier. Soon, they’d be bold enough to fly over it. Their featureless inky silhouettes were agitated, clearly pissed off that he’d shown up to interrupt their evening plans. Now they focused on him as their main target, he could feel their hunger heighten at his arrival, but he couldn’t show distress. The Phantoms loved to prey on elemental beings, sucking the energy out of his people like cemetery ghouls. Ignoring his fear, he raised his fiery sword in defiance. They hesitated momentarily, then shrieked at him in retaliation. The searing embers of the elfin-charmed blade would burn their oily substance, igniting them in a blaze and killing a few of them quickly, but he couldn’t destroy them all.  
As the last male in the elemental fire race, he was doing the one thing that the Pyr had been good at, destruction and protection. He was used to being daring, eradicating the wickedness of the spirit elementals whenever he’d sensed them near. Raynor had never been surrounded by so damn many before. He’d quickly realised that he was outnumbered, and if he died, he knew the Pyr race would be extinct.  
Lost forever.

About the Author
A rocker by heart, Chacelyn Pierce is constantly ear plugged with heavy tunes blaring to stir up the phantom personalities that swarm her mind. It’s no surprise that she enjoys writing and reading to satiate her appetite for the male antagonist in a story. Married to a blatant redhead and mothering a diva, there is never a dull moment in the house. As a native Texan, she doesn't personally own a horse but follows the unwritten southern rule of knowing how to ride one. When she’s not testing the emotional capacity of her characters, she works part time as a dog groomer. For more information about Chacelyn and her books, visit her website at

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